Finding your Perfect Roommate

Finding the perfect Roommate

While everyone likes having their own private space, some people choose to live in an apartment with a roommate for either financial reasons or just because it’s nice to have someone to cook dinner with, and hang out with on the weekend. The tricky part is finding the right roommate for you. Everybody is different and some personalities go well together while others clash.

Here are some basic rules that we came up with at Devonwood, to help you find the perfect roommate!

  1. Get to know one another: Nobody likes feeling uncomfortable in their own home, so before you decide to move in, get to know who you are planning on living with. Do you see this person as someone you can have a good conversation with? It is important to have good communication to resolve any issues that may come up, and if you are friends, it will just make life way more fun!
  1. Make a Plan: Once you decide to live together, talk about some basic ground rules. When is rent due? When are utilities due? Whose responsibility is it to pay them? Once you figure out everything financial, you can then talk about who will do the chores, your ‘guest policy’, and other habits either of you may have.
  1. Two’s company, Three’s a crowd: Remember, anytime you add more people into the living space, it just causes potential for more problems, so try to keep it to living with one other person, and as long as you follow the rules above, you should have no problems living a stress free, fun, busy life with your new roommate, and friend!

Hope this helps! Has anyone had any roommate experiences here at Devonwood or elsewhere? Let us know your recommendations.

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